The state requires that a survey map be recorded if any of the following are true:

• Your survey creates a new parcel of land through a property division
• New monuments are set
• Monuments are found that are not described and identified within the public record
• Any discrepancies with the current record information are discovered during the course of the survey

This “Results of Survey” shall be recorded at the County Recorders Office. You should receive a copy of that drawing. Most competent surveyors will make up a drawing of their “Results of Survey” whether or not this law applies, as such a drawing gives his client an idea of how his boundaries run. This usually includes his acreage, any encroachments that may be found, ect. This “Results of Survey” must meet all state requirements for the creation of a Boundary Survey and should have sufficient information to show how your surveyor established your corners, so that the next surveyor may be able to “ Follow his footsteps” at a later date. This law was enacted to protect the public welfare.

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